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40 Day Sadhana Package

Wanting to commit? Looking to take your life to the next level as well as your practice? Taking the plunge to commit to 40 consecutive days of the same practice is not for the faint hearted. In yoga, Tapas translates as self discipline, and this is a perfect way to not only cultivate this quality but to work on an area of life you want to improve. Perhaps you are experiencing self doubt or have a deep seeded desire you wish to manifest. Whatever it is, I can help you develop a systematic and meaningful practice for you dive into. This is where the real Yoga starts..... The 40 Day Sadhana pack includes:

* an initial consultation to discuss what you want to work on

* a personally designed practice

* a 1:1 session (online or in person) to take you through Day 1

* video and written instructions of your practice

* weekly check ins via Zoom or in person during the 40 days to see how you're progressing

Click on the link below to see pricing and book! 

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