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Adventurous Spirit

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12 - 19 September 2021

8 days/7 nights to uncover your fearlessness and courage

Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

Prices start at $3295

We all need more of it.....more courage to make the choices which are right for us......more fearlessness to go where we have never gone before. When we have both we become unstoppable. We thrive, we blossom and we step into our full expression, into our power. The world and all it holds becomes ours....


Being far, far away from your daily life. In a place removed from modern life, where nature intermingles with the material world. A place of extremes but extraordinarily beautiful in its harshness. Imagine having the time to spend learning more about your inner strength and the incredible storehouse of power you hold. Time to spend exploring a treasure trove of amazing activities, landscapes and wildlife from the marine to the terrestrial...Twice daily yoga, meditation, workshops, marine wildlife interaction experiences and more.....a time for YOU!

Turquoise bay in Cape range National Par

You're Not Alone...

Being courageous and fearless is not easy in this world. We are told it's better to play it safe, to be careful and cautious. But unless we tap into our inner reserves of strength and resourcefulness we become stuck in a rut. Our lives become a shadow of what we could, and actually want, to achieve and be. 

I remember a time when I knew what it was that I wanted and needed to do, but lacked the courage to take the leap off into the take the plunge and leave the security my current life offered me. A life that while comfortable, was unfulfilling. I know what it's like to know that you are meant for more, that there are passions and desires you wish to fulfil, and that you are shining a small portion of yourself out into the world. 

Living in this remarkable remote community has taught me much about my inner strength, my courage and just how powerful I really am. I have had experiences and opportunities I would never have had if I had remained in my comfortable existence in the city. There's something about being immersed in nature, about wide open spaces and wildness that stirs the soul and opens the heart to fearlessness. And it is this that I want to share with you....


Where the Journey Begins

Exmouth is a small remote community situated 1300km from Perth on the North West Cape in Western Australia. Originally established to support an American Defence facility, the town has now grown into a premier holiday destination, known for pristine beaches, arresting desert landscapes and spectacular wildlife interactions.

The town has gone from being a wild west frontier with basic facilities to a thriving community with innovative restaurants and cafes, craft breweries and speciality shops. There's a sophisticated rawness to the place, an earthiness that frees the spirit.

Staying into a luxurious waterfront property on the new Exmouth Marina you will be within walking distance of the town centre. Transport can be arranged for you to explore on your own in your free time, or bring your own car. Cruise along the west side spending your time snorkelling or just enjoying the magnificent beaches, or perhaps meander up the gorges on the east side of the Cape and view the incredible Shothole Canyon and Charles Knife Gorge. This area is truly spectacular.

Humpback Whale mother and calf swim past

The Retreat Experience

Your home for the duration of the retreat will be a beautiful, Executive home with 6 King size bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, swimming pool, outdoor kitchen and spacious decks, two living spaces and waterfront Marina views overlooking the iconic Marina bridge towards the beach. Manatarays Resort and Town Beach are within an easy stroll, and the town centre only a 10 minute walk away. The property is lavishly appointed with fabulous furnishings inside and out.

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Included in your retreat package:

 *   7 nights accommodation in private, waterfront accommodation

*    Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily freshly prepared by our specially sourced cook            including snacks, nibbles, treats and fresh local seafood. 

*    Daily morning meditation practice to connect to your true self

*    Twice daily Traditional Hatha yoga classes on the water front deck to create a stable        mind and body capable of realising your full potential

*    3 Workshops to inspire, support and deepen your journey of self discovery

*    Day out swimming with the Humpback Whales - encounter these incredible mammals  in the crystal clear waters of the Ningaloo Reef - a true bucket list experience! And....if we're lucky we might see Whale Sharks too!!

*     Explore Ninagloo - a full day tour exploring the Ningaloo Marine Park and Cape              Range National Park - expect a day of adventure!

*     Evening Sound Healing session to delve into the depths of your mind 

*     Plenty of time in the afternoons, and one full day, to rest and recharge around the          pool, indulge in the local delights or head off exploring. Try one of the many tours            on offer in town on your free day or wander aimlessly in town learning more about          the history of this fascinating town at the Ningaloo Centre and meeting the locals.

Optional Extras (please enquire for pricing):

*     A half day out exploring the Exmouth Gulf on a beautiful 38ft yacht with the                     opportunity to spot an abundance of marine life

*    Car hire and airport transfers if you are flying in from elsewhere

*     Private yoga sessions designed specifically for your needs. These are a great way        to deepen your practice or explore a particular aspect of the yogic path

*     Thai massages can be arranged in-house

*     A variety of tours including glass bottom boat tours, microlight flights,                              kayaking adventures, Yardie Creek boat cruise and fishing charters

*     Stand up paddle board and surf board hire to explore the crystal clear waters of            the reef or surf the iconic Dunes break

What's not included:

*      Airfares (or other transport) from your home to Exmouth

*      Travel Insurance

*       Car Hire

*       Any optional extras e.g. private yoga classes, tours etc. 

Vlamingh Head Lighthouse.jpg


A yoga retreat doesn't have to change your life dramatically, be full of organised activities or a myriad of different yoga classes. However, it should help guide you further onto a path of becoming a more conscious being and leave you feeling content, which is what Cassandra's retreat did for me.


Cassandra's in depth knowledge of the hatha tantric yoga lineage, which teaches yoga as a way of life and not just an activity to 'do', showed in the effects her teaching had on every individual on the retreat.


Thankyou Cass, it really was a retreat of 'reflection, reconnection and transformation'."

—  Carmen, Geraldton Western Australia


               Spaces are limited to 8 people, so book early to avoid disappointment!

   Single Occupancy with Ensuite

   $3695 per person- SOLD OUT


      Single Occupancy Shared Bathroom


    $3595 per person - ONLY 1 LEFT!



      Twin Share with Ensuite

       $3295 per person -SOLD OUT

Please note: There are 3 bedrooms with ensuites and 3 with a shared bathroom. Of these, 2 ensuite rooms are suitable for twin share.

Payment can be made via Paypal or Direct Deposit. Payment plans are also available on request. Please email for Bank and payment plan details.

"Yoga is my path. Through this ancient tradition I journey into the centre of self.  And I now help to guide others to their centre through its tools. For this is my Dharma - to teach and inspire others to live their lives to its fullest potential. Hari Om Tat Sat."

-excerpt from blog "Journey into the Centre of Self"

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