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Prana Vayus: Energetics of Asana

Prana is said to be our life force - our vital essence.


The Prana Vayu's are the fives ways in which is prana is distributed and co-relate to the five categories of yoga Asana or postures. Understanding them is a game changer to your practice and the way you teach.

This course will explore this concept including showing you how to create intentional practices for yourself or others.


We will delve into the deeper implications of the Vayus  and how they effect us physically, mentally and spiritually, and how through physical practice and other means we can utilise them to help us improve on all levels.

Complete in your own time with unlimited access to recordings and material. Included with the course is  a 75 minute 1:1 session at a time convenient to you to answer any questions and receive personal mentoring.

$299 with payment plans available

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