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Inner Silence Nyepi Retreat

8 days/7 nights of inner exploration on the west coast of Bali

March  21-28  2020

Amazing beautiful colored sunset on the

Inner silence......sitting in stillness, allowing the mind to become quiet. From this place anything is possible. We become less emotionally reactive, we begin to reconnect  to our unchanging source, to the Self. We begin to see clearly, we begin to understand ourselves more fully, and the endless array of opportunities available to us......Life becomes magical, a sense of wonder fills us and we feel light, joyous and content......


Spending 8 days on the lush west coast of Bali.....a time for quiet reflection, long walks on deserted palm fringed beaches and rediscovering your true, unchanging self....Time to just be with yourself, no pressures, no responsibilities, just rest, relaxation and 'being'.....Twice daily yoga, meditation, inspiring workshops, and plenty of time for adventure and reflection will see you thriving, reconnected and open to new possibilities.....this time is for YOU!


You're not alone

Life can be so busy and overwhelming that we begin to loose touch with our true selves. We feel closed off from life, feel as if our very life force is being stifled.We forget what it feels like to thrive, to have mental space to just feel into life, to fully see and understand the endless opportunities and possibilities open to us if we could only find the time (and space) to explore them.

You are most definitely not alone. I, for one, have been there, as have many others. I know what it is like to feel as if you have no room to just think. To ponder and ruminate over what you really want and what makes you feel fulfilled. It's one of the reasons I began practicing yoga and meditation all those years ago. Suddenly, in the gap between breaths, as I was moving through my practice or sitting in meditation, I began to see a whole new world open up to me. I began to see past my day to day existence and realise the infinite array of opportunity available to me. And it is this I want to share with you.....


where the journey begins

Balian Beach on the west coast of Bali has long been a mecca for surfers escaping the busy south of the island, but it also holds much for those who don't surf....... endless deserted palm fringed beaches, small village life, the sacred Balian River, gorgeous lush mountain scenery and a relaxed, laid back vibe. Here, time stops still....

Nyepi is the celebration of the Balinese New Year, ushered in by elaborate parades of giant demons, Ogoh-Ogohs, said to be scary representations of vices best avoided. At the end of the parade, they are ritualistically burnt in order to bring about purification. The following day is one of silence and meditation - everything from the airport to the smallest shop is closed, electricity is shut off and even the internet is limited. No-one is allowed to leave their homes, and the day is spent in quiet reflection and in the silent company of family. It is a time to go deep into yourself.....

Ogoh-ogoh in Bali, Indonesia. Ogoh-ogoh

The retreat experience

Simply put, Gajah Mina Resort is gorgeous. Situated on 2 sprawling hectares with its own small private cove, and only a short walk from the village and main beaches, the accomodation is a beautiful blend of Balinese and Western design. You will have the choice of a private villa scattered discretely throughout the property, or one of three rooms with private pool in the Villa House, perfect for a group of friends. It is a haven from modern life, allowing you the space both mentally and physically, to truly reflect on all that is important to you . Our meals will be freshly prepared, a mix of Indonesian and Western food and a true delight to the senses. 

gajah villa.jpg
gajah villa in.jpg
gajah villa out.jpg

Private Villas: these beautiful stand alone villas overlook the palm filled gardens, each with their own private bathroom and verandah. Super comfortable king size bends, Balinese and Western furnishings and well appointed bathrooms (either outside or inside) ensure your stay will be relaxed.

gajah house pool.jpg
gajah house lounge.jpg
gajah house bed.jpg

Three- bedroom Villa: A bright open villa featuring 3 King size bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms, private pool and lounge area, this is perfect for a group of friends. Like the private villas, the rooms are a lovely blend of Balinese and Western styling. Lounge on the wide verandah and survey the lush grounds and crashing ocean.

Included in your retreat package:

*  7 nights accommodation at Gajah Mina Resort

*   Breakfast and Dinner daily at Secret Bay Restaurant overlooking the resorts own private         beach cove 

*  Daily morning meditation practice to connect back to the heart of who you are

​*  Twice daily Traditional Hatha Yoga classes in the private open air shala to create a body        and mind capable of a thriving and fulfilling life

*  3 workshops/ talks to inspire, support and deepen your inner journey

​*  2 Excursions to explore this stunning area plus the opportunity to view first hand the             magical Ogoh-Ogoh parade and purification ceremony


*  2 Professional massages overlooking deserted Mejan Beach and the surf breaks of               Balian Beach

*  Balinese blessing ceremony and welcome drinks to connect to the essence and spirit of        this special island

*  A chance to experience Nyepi - the day of silence - and usher in a year of a new you

*  Transfers to/from Airport or south Bali (Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu) Please                        note Balian is approximately 2hrs from the south of the island

*  Free afternoons to explore this amazing area and all that it offers, a chance to take long walks, discover a natural wonderland or to just relax and settle into your inner silence

*  Recordings of all meditations and notes from the workshops


Optional Extras:

*   Private yoga sessions designed specifically for your needs. These are a great way to              deepen your practice or explore a particular  aspect of the yogic path

 *  Spa treatments including facials, massages and more

*   A variety of custom made tours including visits to the Bali Butterfly Park and Tanah Lot  

 What's not included:

 *   Airfares (or other transport) from your home to Bali

*   Travel Insurance

*   Any optional extras e.g. private yoga classes, tours etc.       



Spaces are limited to no more than 12 people, so book early to avoid disappointment

Twin Share: Early bird discount until August 30 2019


   $1399 per person

    Regular price after October 31 2019

 $1499 per person

Single Occupancy (own room): Early bird discount until October 31 2019

$1599 per person

Regular price after August 30 2019

$1699 per person

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