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Journey Into the Past 

14-16 October 2022

Bullara Station, Exmouth Gulf


Dive into your past and begin the unravelling of who you think you are during this weekend of yoga and shamanic healing........

 Cassandra Pickel (Inner Power Yoga) and Manuela Hecht (Golden Lights Healing) will guide you towards a better understanding of what holds you back and where these stories have come from. Get back in touch with your own innate powerhouse of inner wisdom and strength, and clear away the past.

The Retreat Experience


This weekend will be a wonderful combination of deep fulfilling inner work, delicious food, enjoyable company and an opportunity to take some time out to nurture yourself.

Your retreat package includes:

* Single or twin share accommodation at the Shearers Lodge Bullara Station

  (shared bathroom facilities)

* Delicious meals and snacks specially prepared by our own chef

* Fire Ceremony to welcome you to the event and to begin the clearing and letting go of                stagnant energies

* Tantric Hatha Yoga class focussing on softening and surrendering

* Shamanic Energy Healing workshop to explore your past and the beliefs and experiences            that are holding you back

* Restorative Hatha and Yoga Nidra to integrate the Shamanic workshop and to facilitate the       journey back to Self

* Inner Teacher yoga class/workshop focussing on accessing your intuition and inner wisdom

* An introductory workshop on connecting to your Spirit Guides

* Free time to explore the station, swim in the Homestead pool or to simply reflect on your            inner journey

For more details on Bullara Station and the accomodation

Investment: $897


Cassandra Pickel is a yoga teacher and retreat leader. She has over 24 years experience studying, practicing and teaching yoga focussing mainly on Tantric Hatha yoga and the subtler aspects of the tradition such as philosophy and meditation.

For more on her go to Journey Into the Self


Manuela Hecht offers a variety of Shamanic energy healing practices as well as Reiki, massage and tarot readings. She has spent decades studying various healing modalities and Shamanic ceremony to create a positive impact on the lives of others. For more details

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