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Casual 1:1 & Small Group

Classes Just for You

Wanting to deepen your existing practice or work on a particular area? Private 1:1 and small group classes are tailor made to meet your specific requirements. Click on the link below to get pricing and book.

Private Class Packages

I'm Ready for More

Time for you to commit to a regular package? Pay up front for a group of classes and know that your journey has begun. Tailor made classes for you every week over a specified time. Watch yourself grow.

Click on the link below to get pricing and book.

Private Workshops

More Than Exercise

Choose from a range of private workshops designed to help you live a deeply fulfilling life. Taken on their own or in combination with a private class package, they are great way to experience first hand the power and depth of the Yogic tradition

Click the link below to get pricing and book

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