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A weekend of yoga and shamanic energy healing to remember your beauty and your strength on the stunning Ningaloo Coast in Western Australia

27-29 may 2022  .     $997

Waroorra Station, Western Australia

By Cassandra Pickel and Manuela Hecht (Golden Lights Healing)

By Cassandra Pickel & Manuela Hecht



Nurture & Nourish yourself on this weekend retreat on the stunning Ningaloo Coast through Tantric Hatha Yoga and Shamanic Energy Healing.


This weekend is for YOU. Bath yourself in nourishing, heart filling and balancing Shamanic Energy Healing practices, free yourself from whatever is holding you back in life and bring love and light in through embodied  morning and evening yoga practices. Remember your strength and your beauty....

Retreat package includes:

- Accommodation in the Old Homestead, Warroora Station (twin share or single)

- Delicious freshly prepared meals and treats

- Daily Tantric Hatha classes to bring joy to the heart and guide you back to Self


- Shamanic Energy Workshops to lift you up and harmonise your heart and soul














Daily Program:


Day 1


2pm         Welcome circle and nibbles

3pm         Check in

4.30pm  Connection Ceremony and Intention setting

6pm         Tantric Hatha Yoga to seed our intention for the weekend

7.30pm   Dinner

Day 2

7am               Sunrise Tantric Hatha Yoga

8.30am        Breakfast

10am             Shamanic Energy Healing Workshop to recharge the heart space

Freetime to explore this incredible coastline or to simply chill

5pm               Restorative Hatha and Yoga Nidra

6.30pm         Dinner

7.30pm         Fire Ceremony

Day 3

7am               Sunrise Tantric Hatha Yoga

7.45am        Shamanic workshop - Meet your Power Animal

9.30am        Breakfast on the Beach ​

11am              Closing ceremony

Program subject to change.


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