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Shining your light

The ancient Tantric yogis studied the stars and planets and related them to the human body and specifically to the energy channels in the body known as Nadis. They believed the universe and us were one - made of the same energy and intermingling. There was no seperateness. Both shining bright with an inherent light.

This light still shines bright within us. But the travails of life, the self limiting beliefs we place upon ourselves, as well as the limiting beliefs placed upon us by others, all cause our inner light to dim. We stop shining brightly because it becomes easier to stay dull. Australia is reknowned for its Tall Poppy Syndrome. We love to cut down anyone who reaches for the stars, who have a strong belief and confidence in themselves and dare to not only dream, but to chase those dreams. 'Who do they think they are?' we say. And we take this on board. To be different is considered dangerous, and those that shine brightly are different.

I realised on the weekend that my teenage son has dimmed his light. He's a bit different from a lot of boys in the outback town I live in. He dislikes sports and most outdoor activity. He likes astronomy and anything to do with computers. He's tall and skinny and a little bit geeky (but in a cool way). He is, quite frankly, a prime candidate for bullying, yet he isn't on the receiving end of it. He also grew up in an anxiety ridden and dysfunctional family until his dad and I broke up. As he said himself, he flies under the radar. It was probably safer back in those pre-breakup days to do just that. And it probably makes a lot of sense to him to fly low so he avoids school yard confrontations.

But, there was a moment on the weekend when my new partner and I, along with my son began mucking around on his drum kit. We were actually discussing whether we should move them or sell them or at least do something with them, and in the end, we chose the later. So there I was cooking dinner listening to the boys making music. My fella has a musical background so I thought the great drumming was coming from him. But suddenly in the door there appeared a tall and majestic creature, with a beautiful golden light pouring out of him. His light was shining so strong and so bright, I was blinded my his beauty and his power. It was my son. The music had stirred his soul and it came forth and he positively shone.

And then he got scared. He refused to go near the drums again. When he eventually did, he second guessed himself, he put self doubts and limiting beliefs on himself. He hid away until he finally wouldn't go near the kit again. He told me later the feeling it had stirred frightened him. If he had that kind of power and light inside of him and he showed it, he'd no longer be flying under his imaginary radar. This saddened me deeply, and we had a good conversation about allowing it to come out. And I hope he will, yet I suspect he'll continue to dull it for some time yet.

The thing is that he is not the only one who dims their light. I believe this is true for most of us including myself. It is something I am working on, but it is difficult to reverse a life long habit of hiding my true self. The scars from growing up are still etched deeply. I remember being told I was 'too much', that the way I was wasn't acceptable and wouldn't do me 'any favours' in adulthood. There is hope though in this younger generation. Whatever you may think of social media, I see many shining their light brightly, unafraid to go forth and live their lives as they see fit, harnessing whatever special gifts and unique talents they may have. Any many, many more not afraid to stand up and say they have healing skills. Speak like that when I was young and you'd get shipped off to a mental health hospital and considered deranged. I love that although not mainstream, so many are no longer afraid of being their true authentic selves. That they are shucking off self-limiting beliefs and listening to their inner knowing. And more importantly acting upon it.

So why aren't we all doing this? In what ways would the world be different if we all allowed ourselves to feel true joy and lived from a place of authenticity? What is it about our society that makes so many of us afraid to be a little different, to reach for the stars, to do work and activities that spark up our inner Divine and gives our lives true, aligned purpose? Let us all throw off the shackles that have been placed around us, and make an effort to reach deep inside ourselves to find that light that shone brightly when we were kids, before we were told it wasn't 'proper'. It may be a difficult road, but the joy, contentment and fulfilment we will experience will be worth it. Shine your inner light brightly.

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