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Rekindle your inner fire and step into your power

Life has a funny way of disempowering us. As small children we often move through life with supreme confidence in ourselves and who we are. But as we grow older, societal restraints, peer pressure and the beliefs of others start to wear down this confidence and we begin to change our behaviour to suit the needs and wants of others. Perhaps we start to dress differently, or pursue study or a career that others have suggested would be appropriate for us, and before we know, we begin to feel has if  our own strength has been used against us. 

I know this has certainly been the case for me. I can remember quite distinctly being told that my ideas of life and my part in it, was not appropriate. I was thinking too big, I couldn't make a living doing it and wo the hell did I think I was anyway? Not exactly what a strong willed and imaginative 10 year old wants to hear. As I've grown older I've realised that these adults only had my best interest at heart, but it left me madly scrabbling to find a balance between what my soul wanted and what others wanted of me for years. And I mean years...

It wasnt until I began the long journey home through yoga and that the veil began to lift and I realised that it was actually ok to be who I really was and do what I really wanted to do.....because it was MY life. And so began the tentative steps back to claiming my power.

I have created this program in the hope that I can help others find their



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