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Empowered  You

40 Day Online Coaching Program 

Rekindle your inner fire and

step into your power

Starts September 9 2022

Empowerment: the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.


Who wouldn't want more of that? To actually feel as if you were shaping your life, no longer held back by old habits and tendencies. No longer allowing the world to tell you who you are, but instead YOU shouting out your truths. And embodying the understanding that you are more powerful than your circumstances, that YOU have the power to shape your destiny.

I spent years trying to appease others and ignoring the calling of my soul for something more. Always the feeling that something was lacking, of having lost a part of myself.​ It wasn't until I began the long journey home through yoga that the veil began to lift, and I realised that it was actually ok to be who I really was and do what I really wanted to do.....because it was MY life. And so began the tentative steps back to claiming my power.

I have created this program with the aim to guide others to find their way back to their most empowered selves. Through yoga, meditation, journalling and yogic inspired life coaching workshops we will spend 40 days building courage, developing self care and self love, overcoming limiting beliefs and working towards uncovering our true purpose in life. Become clear, strong and regain your inner fire!

What to Expect

Why 40 days you ask? The yoga tradition considers this to be the optimal length of time in which to create transformative change, and so with daily practice or sadhana, we can effectively rewire our brains and create new habits. It truly is the optimal way to practice. To this end, you will be given a specific pranayama (breath exercise) and meditation which you can practice every. single. day. Yep, this course requires commitment from you.....because aren't you worth it?

Every week for just over 6 weeks, a pre-recorded 90 minute workshop on a specific topic related to building empowerment will be sent to your inbox. This session will be a mix of discussion, journalling and meditation. This will allow you access the course at a time that suits you best. Best of all, you will have lifetime access to ALL the material in this course (workshops, course work, recordings of sessions as well as meditations) giving you the opportunity to revisit.

And of course, you will have full support from yours truly throughout (and after) the course - I am here to serve you and guide you towards your most thriving and purposeful life so ask any and as many questions  as you like.


Week 1: Building Shakti: Our Inner Power

What is Empowerment?

Our first steps towards it

Introduction to the 40 Day Sadhana

what you get

*      Weekly 90 minute pre-recorded workshops delivered to your inbox

*      A 40 Day Sadhana (practice) including a short asana (physical) practice,           pranayama (breathwork) and meditation

*      A workbook with journalling questions to support each weekly                       workshop 

*      Meditations and practices to support you through the journey

*      Life time access to all materials

*      A live Q & A session at the end of the 40 days


*      Personal support from myself throughout the 40 days (and after) 

price:  $299

Payment Plans available

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