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Sitting quietly watching the rain, the parade of passing people.

Feeling quiet, warm, in love with Self, finding a deeper meaning in it all.

What is the all? Is it finding peace in the here and now, or is it more than that?

Those quiet moments of contemplation are for me a time to connect to my inner workings and mull over the finer points of my existence. Sitting alone in a dimly lit café, watching life pass me by and listening to the rain…. drip, drip, drip….I begin to feel a deep sense of wonder and joy. A sense of inner fulfilment but also a desire to question what life is all about.

An all-encompassing joy of life,

In finding a common thread and connection with others random and close.

A calmness of mind and body and spirit,

Of inner awareness,

Of inner strength and fortitude,

Of just simple simple calmness.

Like a quiet and still pond of the soul.

One of the things my spiritual journey has shown me, as well as travelling, is how similar we all are. From the rich to the poor, from the east to the west, we all yearn for the same things – love, connection, happiness. And we all have the same material needs – food, water, shelter. Any differences we may have come from beliefs. And at the end of the day beliefs aren’t tangible, they aren’t factual and they have no solid ground. They are ideas and constructs of our psyche and ego. I find such joy in this knowledge that we are the same. To know that I am always connected to others gives me strength and fills my heart with joy and love. It makes me aware of that part of myself that is unchanging because it is infinite, what the Yoga tradition calls the Self, the inner Divine. This is the part that is found in us all and in all of nature, connecting us to something bigger than our own selfish wants and desires.

A sense of finding home.

It is here I reside.

In this place of infinite calmness,

Of cool collectiveness where time has no meaning and a common thread joins us all to form an interconnected web of humanity and nature,

Of stars and moon and heaven and hell.

A place of simplicity and wholeness.

A place of true reality,

A place inside myself,

It is here I reside.

In this place of Self lies the truth. It is here that home can be found – our true nature, our inner calmness. With this knowledge we are never alone. This place inside myself that is unchanging is always joyous even when sad. Because I know that I alone am the creator of my happiness, that it is I who is in control of my emotions, that it is I that is connected invisibly to all of life in all its wondrous forms. And with this knowledge I can go forth into the world with love in my heart, I can be courageous in the face of fear and I can tackle any obstacle placed before me. Because it is here I reside, inside myself.

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